Jumbo apple trees

  • Pick: Late-season
  • Flowering group: 3
  • Uses: Eat fresh | Cookery 
  • Disease-resistance: Good
  • Pollination partners

Jumbo is a modern dual-purpose apple, named for the exceptional size of its fruits. It is not unusual to get apples weighing more than 400g (or up to 1lb), which is about three times larger than most supermarket dessert apples.

As a cooker, Jumbo is sweeter than most of the mainstream English culinary varieties, so does not usually need sugar added. It also keeps its shape when cooked. The apples store well, easily keeping for 3 months in a fridge. Whereas most cookers are simply large and green, Jumbo is very attractive, like a modern bi-coloured eating apple, with an extensive scarlet flush covering a yellow background.

Jumbo has a good strong flavour which is certainly sweet enought for eating fresh, although the apples are probably too big for one person to manage!

Jumbo apple trees for sale

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Pot-grown fruit trees

Very small  (1.5m after 5-10 years)2-year patio-tree - 11.5l pot - M27 rootstock £31.50

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Summary features of Jumbo


  • Gardening skill: Average?
  • Cropping: Heavy
  • Fertility: Not self-fertile?
  • Flowering group: 3?
  • Pollinating others: Poor?
  • Ploidy: Triploid?
  • Vigour: Slightly large?
  • Bearing regularity: Regular?
  • Fruit bearing: Spur-bearer?
  • Flowering season: Mid-season
  • Overall disease resistance: Good?


  • Picking season: Late?
  • Use / keeping: 3 months or more?
  • Flavour quality: Good?
  • Flavour style: Sweet/Sharp
  • Good for eating fresh
  • Good for cooking
  • Cooking result: Keeps shape


  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Period of origin: 1950 - 1999
  • Fruit colour: Orange / Red


  • Warm climates?
  • Temperate climates
  • Tolerates cold winters
  • Planting position: Full sun preferred

Pollination guide for Jumbo

Jumbo is in flowering group 3. Jumbo is a triploid variety and cannot pollinate other varieties. It needs to be pollinated by another tree of a different variety nearby. You can either plant a self-fertile variety (which will pollinate itself and the Jumbo) or you can plant two pollination partners which must each be of different varieties and able to cross-pollinate each other as well as the Jumbo. If you need further advice on this just get in touch. Since it flowers in the middle of the blossom season it can be pollinated by most other apple trees.

How to grow Jumbo apple trees

As might be guessed from the size of its apples, Jumbo is a triploid variety. That means it is not self-fertile and will not pollinate other apple varieties - but also that it is a big, hardy, vigorous-growing tree that can shake off diseases and problems.

Historical details

Jumbo was developed by one of the most successful English apple breeders of recent times, Hugh Ermen, and released in 2000. It is a cross between the popular English variety Charles Ross, and the well-regarded American variety Jonathan.

Botanical name

Malus domestica 'Jumbo'

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