Delivery of fruit trees to France

We have supplied many customers in France. As Francophiles ourselves we have first-hand experience of many of the regions of France and are able to advise on the best fruit tree varieties for the very varied climates encountered throughout France. Most of our customers are British holiday-home owners and ex-pats, but we have also supplied many French fruit-tree enthusiasts who have heard of the reputation of our Bramley and Cox apples and Victoria plums.

The cost of delivering fruit trees to France is not expensive - it is usually between 20€ to 30€ for a box of up to 5 bare-root trees.

Apple trees are common in most parts of France and it is not usually necessary to consider a pollination partner if you just want to plant a single tree because there will probably be other apple trees nearby. In many areas you will also find pears, plums, and cherries in neighbouring gardens.

The most suitable areas for growing English and Scottish apple varieties in France are Normandie, Bretagne, most of the Limousin, Charente and Charente-Maritime, the Dordogne and Lot, Bourgogne / Burgundy, Franche-Comte, Champagne, and Alsace.

The south of France is too hot for many of the varieties we sell, but there are still several well-known varieties that can be grown here - see our page listing apple trees that are most suitable for the Mediterranean climate. Fortunately the famous English Bramley apple can be grown successfully in the south of France - it is one of the few English apple varieties that are at home in a Mediterranean climate.

Our plums, pears and cherries will grow throughout France - often more easily than in the UK. We have been surprised by the popularity of damson trees, but they are hard to obtain in France. Although often associated with the wet climate of Cumbria, damsons seem to grow well in most areas of France.

For more details please refer to our fruit tree delivery service for western Europe.

To order fruit trees for delivery to France, please visit our European fruit tree sales website.