Orchard variety selection service

Cost-effective professional advice in selecting varieties for your orchard

If you are planning an orchard of more than 10 fruit trees and more than 4 or so varieties, it makes sense to get professional advice on the mix of species and varieties. An orchard is a long-term investment, and a bit of time spent selecting the best varieties for your location and purpose will pay dividends down the years. Our orchard experts have wide-ranging experience of fruit tree varieties and orchard design. You can specify your requirements through our website and you will then receive a detailed Report (sent by email).

The key objective in this process is to provide you with a detailed list of varieties which meet your preferences as closely as possible, and have compatible flowering and growth characteristics, and will form a pleasing well-balanced fruit tree collection.

The Report will list the number of varieties you have asked for, ranked in order of meeting the preferences you have specified.

You can see a sample report here.

How does it work?

Our online form has been designed to help capture the purpose of your orchard, and your particular preferences. The recommendations in our Report will be based on a diverse range of parameters, influenced by your choices.

  • Start by filling in our enquiry form (link below) with your preferences and other comments.
  • We will review your requirements and then ask you to pay online.
  • Once you have paid, we expect to send you a Report within 1-2 weeks.
  • This service is available for customers in the UK, North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand - however please note that prices are in UK currency. We welcome enquiries from elsewhere.
  • As far as possible the variety selection is made using fruit tree varieties that are generally available from fruit tree nurseries in your country - you are not restricted to the range supplied by Orange Pippin.
  • This service is available for apples, pears, plums and cherries or any mixture thereof.


The price for this service is £50 for up to 15 varieties, £100 for up to 30 varieties, and by quotation above that. Thus, if you intend to plant an orchard consisting of 20 trees with 2 trees of each variety, you will have 10 varieties. If you want to plant an orchard of 60 trees with 3 trees per variety you will have 20 varieties.

You will only be asked to pay after we have made an initial review of your requirements.

Please proceed to fill in our Fruit Tree Selection Questionnaire.