Fruit Trees featured on TV or in the media

If you hear of fruit tree varieties mentioned in the news or media, please let us know!

Nigel Slater's Baked Apple Recipes

27th November 2016

This article in The Guardian food and drink section describes a sweet dish of baked apples and vince fruits, and a savoury dish with pork chops with apples. Nigel also suggests cooking with early season Discovery apples.

BBC Radio 4 Food Programme - The Apple: How British a Fruit?

9th October 2016

Sheila Dillon talks to food writers Mark Diacono and Pete Brown about the apple.

Pears at their Peak - The Garden (RHS Magazine)

October 2016 edition

A detailed article by Joan Morgan (author of The Book of Pears) describing a selection of pear varieties, grouped by ripening period. We usually have many of the varieties mentioned in this article:

Gorham, Williams Bon Chretien, Beth, Fondante d'Automne, Beurre Superfin, Beurre Hardy, Louise Bonne of Jersey, Conference, Concorde, Doyenne du Comice, Josephine de Malines

Trees featured on BBC Gardeners World

Episode 24 - 9th September 2016

Monty Don tries some mulberries and then gives a textbook demonstration of how to plant a pot-grown King James mulberry tree.

The programme also visits a traditional plum orchard where volunteers are picking Purple Pershore and Yellow Egg (Yellow Pershore) plums.