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Fruit tree comparison - Flavor King
Japanese Plums

Flavor King

Flavour King is a plum / apricot cross, with large sweet fruit, and can be grown in the southern UK.  Remove this variety from the comparison


Gardening skill? Some needed
Cropping Good
Fertility? Not self-fertile
Flowering group? 1
Pollinating others? Poor
Ploidy? Diploid
Vigour? Slightly small
Precocity? Precocious
Bearing regularity? Regular
Growth habit Upright-spreading
Fruit persistence? Ripens over a period


Picking season? Late
Use / keeping? 2-3 weeks
Flavour quality? Good
Flavour style Sweeter

Looking after


Country of origin United States
Period of origin 1950 - 1999
Fruit colour Red - dark
Blossom colour White
Leaf colour Green