Triple apple family fruit trees

    A triple family apple tree consists of 3 apple varieties grafted on to the same stem, so that you have a 1-tree orchard - a good solution if space is limited. Each tree consists of a short central stem, from which three main arms radiate, one for each variety.

    The apple varieties on each tree are selected to have compatible flowering times and will cross-pollinate each other. In addition each variety ripens at a slightly different time in the season so you will not have a glut of apples at the same time.

    Triple apple family fruit trees for sale

    Sorry we have not been able to produce any trees of this variety this season.

    We may still be able to propagate it to order for you. Please contact us for more details.

    How to grow Triple apple family fruit trees

    No additional pollinators are required as the varieties which make up the family tree will cross-pollinate each other.

    All our triple family apple trees are supplied on the MM106 rootstock, and will reach a mature height of 3m-4m / 10ft - 14ft after roughly 10 years.

    These trees are fairly easy to look after, but it is a good idea to check every year or so that one of the three varieties is not starting to dominate the others.

    If this size of tree is still too big for you, an alternative would be to plant 2-3 separate apple trees on the very-dwarfing M27 apple rootstock. Apple trees on this rootstock will never be bigger than about 1.75m / 6ft or so, and can be readily grown in patio containers. See our list of M27 apple trees for more details.

    UK-grown trees All our trees are grown in the UK.

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