Orchard packs

2-year orchard pack

    This orchard pack contains 2-year old bare-root fruit trees. Although many orchard owners like to plant 1-year trees, these larger 2-year branched trees will give a more immediate impact, and we have done most of the initial pruning and training for you.

    The trees are selected by us from varieties that are reliable and easy to grow, and are known to be generally disease-resistant. The varieties are all either self-fertile or able to cross-pollinate each other, so you should have no pollination worries.

    The trees are grafted on semi-vigorous rootstocks which means they should reach a mature height of roughly 3m - 4m / 10ft - 14ft within 3-4 years.

    The basic 4-tree pack includes two apple trees, a plum, and a pear tree - all of different varieties.

    The extended 8-tree pack includes five apple trees, a plum, pear, and cherry tree - again, all different varieties.

    If the mix of species is not to your liking, for example you would prefer a damson instead of a plum, just let us know at the checkout.

    When planting 2-year old fruit trees it is always a good idea to support them with stakes for the first few years, to help the roots establish.

    As with all our trees, you can also email our fruit tree experts for advice.

    Reserve now for delivery any week November-February.

    2-year orchard pack - 4 bare-root 2-year trees£95.00Sold out
    2-year orchard pack - 8 bare-root 2-year trees£190.00Sold out

    UK-grown trees All our trees are grown in the UK.

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