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Own-root apple tree orchard pack

    This orchard pack contains a selection of apple trees that have been propagated on their own-roots.

    Almost all apple trees produced today are grafted on to size-controlling rootstocks. The tree is formed from two parts, the scion or fruiting variety which makes up the top part of the tree, and the rootstock, which is mostly underground, and anchors the tree and provides water and nutrients from the soil. There is naturally a degree of incompatibility between the two parts, and on older trees this is sometimes apparent in the swelling of woody tissue around the graft union about 15cm above the ground.

    Propagating a fruit tree on its own roots is surprisingly difficult to do, but the crucial difference is that the entire tree is a single genetic organism. There is no graft union or incompatibility between the roots and the rest of the tree. The resulting tree is therefore a purer expression of the inate characteristics of the variety.

    Reserve now for delivery any week November-February.

    Sorry we have not been able to produce any trees of this variety this season.

    We may still be able to propagate it to order for you. Please contact us for more details.

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