Can you suggest 6 apple trees to grow as an espalier on limited budget?


Like most people these days I have limited budget but want 6 apple trees, pippin, russet style, varieties spread through the picking season trained to grow as espalier. Can you recommend three different varieties at reasonable cost?

Pat from Cornwall


Thanks for your enquiry. We sell some pre-trained fans and espaliers - but the delivery is very expensive because of the size and shape. It is far cheaper - and more interesting - to train your own. Have a look at this article about how to train a fan-trained fruit tree.

Fan-training is a bit easier than espaliers - more forgiving if things go wrong!

Start with a 1-year apple tree, typically on the MM106 rootstock. This link lists what we have in stock in this format.

The list also shows the season of each variety. Since you are in Cornwall you probably need to take scab resistance into account, the mild winters and warm summers will not suit some varieties … but start with the varieties you like and perhaps send me a list and I will let you know if I think there will be any issues.


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