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Conference pear tree for east-facing wall


Asked by: Michael  from Driffield, 10-Nov-2020

We want to buy a Conferance pear tree to grow against a east facing wall a mature tree would suit our needs.


Conference is one of the most reliable pear trees and therefore a good choice for training against a wall. However an east-facing wall might not get full sun so perhaps an earlier-ripening variety such as Williams might be a better choice.

We do not sell mature trained pear trees - the most mature trained trees we have are 2-years old and have 2-tiers of branches already formed.  At this age they are still quite easy to transplant, and you should be able to train them on to achieve 4-5 tiers in the longer term.  A mature fruit tree would be very difficult to transplant reliably.

Note that pear espaliers are always in demand so it is best to order as soon as you can.