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I have chosen the wrong varieties for my area


Asked by: Ross  from Dumfries, 11-Nov-2019

Having spoken yesterday to a friend who knows a lot more about gardening than I do, I am writing to ask you if I might change this order. She thinks these trees may not do well in our Scottish climate. If you have any advice or suggestions of apple and plum trees that would thrive in the south-west of Scotland - generally a mild and wet climate but can get very cold in winter - I'd be most grateful.


Don't worry - we actually vet every order we get, just in case customers have chosen varieties that might not work in their local climate. If we thought there was a problem we would have let you know.

The main issue with your climate is the relatively high rainfall (twice that of Edinburgh). Your winter temperatures are not a problem, in fact fruit trees need a good period of cold winter weather. Overall we thought the varieties you had chosen were well-suited to your area