What apple trees do you recommend for a school?


Hi, I am looking to plant several plant fruit trees for a school (probably 3) to replace 3 large holly trees that need to be removed. I was hoping you could advise on a good variety to choose.

I did want English heritage varieties - I was originally looking at apples, but I am open to other suggestions.


England's most famous apple is of course Cox's Orange Pippin. However I would not recommend it for a school project because it is not that easy to grow. Instead I suggest Kidd's Orange Red - Cox is one of its parents. This is much easier to grow and yet the flavour is quite close to Cox's Orange Pippin. (Slight disadvantage - it comes from New Zealand though - but it is a very English style of apple).

Still on my international theme (sorry, not sticking to your brief very well am I!) you might want to consider Spartan - very easy to grow, and very popular with children and adults as the apples are bright and juicy. Spartan is from Canada, but is very widely grown in the UK and most people who know it are surprised it is not actually a native!

A real English one to try is Red Devil - developed by probably the last of the amateur English apple breeders - Hugh Ermen. Red Devil is a good one for juicing as well, which might be interesting for your students.

You could add a bit of interest by growing a self-fertile plum tree. The best choice would be a late season one (early and mid-season plums ripen when most students will be on summer holidays). E.g. Marjorie's Seedling - which you sometimes find in the shops, but is much nicer when picked fresh from the tree. It can be used for cooking as well as eating fresh, and is easy to grow.


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