Fruit Tree Finder

Just answer a few quick questions below, and you will then see a list of no more than 5 varieties which should be suitable for your requirements.

If you want full control over all selection criteria, use the fruit tree catalogue page instead.

Q1. What type of fruit tree are you looking for?

We do not recommend pears or cherries if you live in cooler areas of the UK.

 Apple tree        Plum or Damson tree        Pear tree        Cherry tree

Q2. How big can the tree grow, after 10 years?

Only apple trees will be available if you select 'Small'.

 Any size
 Small - no bigger than about 2.5m / 8ft high (apple trees only)
 Medium - no bigger than about 3m / 10ft high
 Large - about 3m to 4m / 10ft - 14ft high
 Full-size - more than 5m / 18ft high

Q3. Where do you live?

Select the first option which matches your area.

 Moorland, mountain regions, anywhere above 200m / 700ft altitude
 Devon, Cornwall, Wales, north-west England, south-west Scotland
 West Midlands, northern England, east Scotland, north-east Scotland
 Southern England, south-east England, east Midlands, eastern England, east Yorkshire

Q4. How much sunlight will the tree get?

All fruit trees prefer to be planted in full-sun, but some apples and plums will tolerate shade.

 The tree will be planted in full sun
 The tree will be partly-shaded
 The tree will be planted in shade or in a north-facing position

Q5. How will you use the fruit?

 Not bothered
 Eating fresh
 Cooking pies, cakes, or making preserves

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How does the fruit tree finder work?

The Fruit Tree Finder is based on feedback from our fruit tree experts in answering customer inquiries, and goes through a similar process to what they do to find the most suitable varieties for a particular requirement.

It first ranks all our varieties using criteria such as climate suitability, disease-resistance, flavour, popularity and several other factors. It then produces a short-list of the most suitable varieties for you to choose from.

If you are interested in apple trees, this article on how to choose the best apple tree for your garden gives more insight into the factors you might want to take into account.

Of course you are still welcome to contact us directly if you need more advice, or try our top recommendations.