Summer 2024Pre-orders are now open. Deliveries will begin again in September for pot grown trees and December for bare-rooted or mixed tree orders.
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When is the best time to order new fruit trees?

The best time to plant new fruit trees is in the winter when they are dormant - but this is not the best time to order them!

To get the best choice of variety and tree form, the sooner you order the better. We allocate trees on a first come first served basis, so if you order between April and August you are most likely to be able to secure the variety and form that you want. We don't ask you to pay at this stage, but we will add your requirement to our system.

We cannot allocate final stock until the end of August stock count, but if there is a shortage at this point the earlier you ordered the less likely you are to be affected.

We obviously try to produce more trees of varieties and formats that are most in demand, but the vaguaries of climate and production mean that we never have all the stock we would like. The first items to sell out are usually espalier-trained pear trees, followed by fan-trained pear trees - we will usually be out of stock of these by September each year. Fan-trained peaches, apricots, nectarines, cherries, and damsons are also always in short supply.

In summary, we recommend you order between April and August to get the best chance of securing the trees you require for the next planting season.

We are happy to accept prospective orders for the following season at any time, just send us the details by email or use our enquiry form.