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Catalogue of fruit trees for sale

  • Almond trees Prunus dulcis2 varieties
    Almond trees make an interesting and valuable addition to the home orchard.
  • Apple trees Malus domestica101 varieties
    We are apple tree specialists and can advise on all aspects of choosing and planting apple trees.
    • Early-season eating apples Malus domestica7 varieties
      Early-ripening apples are usually ready in August, and should be eaten quickly to enjoy their fresh flavours.
    • Mid-season eating apples Malus domestica19 varieties
      Early-ripening apples are usually ready in August, and should be eaten quickly to enjoy their fresh flavours.
    • Late-season eating apples Malus domestica39 varieties
      Apple varieties that ripen late in the season, and are usually good for keeping as well as eating straight away.
    • Cooking apples Malus domestica25 varieties
      Cooking apples are usually large, easy to grow, and with the strong sharp flavours needed for culinary uses.
    • Dual-purpose apples Malus domestica14 varieties
      Dual-purpose apples are versatile and can be used for eating fresh or for cooking with.
    • Red-flesh apple trees Malus domestica5 varieties
      Apple varieties featuring pink or red-flesh.
  • Apricot trees Prunus armeniaca14 varieties
    We are fruit tree specialists and can advise on all aspects of choosing and planting apricot trees.
  • Cherry plum trees Prunus cerasus4 varieties
    Cherry plums are small-fruited plums, usually easy to grow and productive.
  • Cherry trees Prunus avium28 varieties
    Cherry trees are an excellent choice for the garden because they are at their best when eaten straight from the tree.
    • Sweet cherries Prunus avium26 varieties
      Sweet cherries are primarily used for eating fresh, straight from the tree.
    • Sour Cherry trees Prunus cerasus1 varieties
      See Cherries
  • Cider apple trees Malus domestica17 varieties
    We have a range of specialist cider apple trees and can advise on planting and growing them.
  • Crab apple trees Malus43 varieties
    Crab-apple trees are grown for their attractive blossom. Many also produce useful fruitlets, and most are good pollinators for other apple trees.
  • Damson trees Prunus insititia7 varieties
    Damsons are a great addition to the fruit garden or orchard. We sell several damson varieties, and can advise on choosing and growing damson trees.
  • Inter-specific trees6 varieties
    Hybrid fruit varieties arising from crosses between fruits of different species.
  • Hazel trees Corylus avellana13 varieties
    Hazel nuts (or Cobnuts) make an easy and low-maintenance addition to any orchard. We can advise on the most suitable hazel varieties for your garden.
  • Medlar trees Mespilus germanica3 varieties
    Medlars are unusual orchard fruits, primarily for cooking. The blossom and trees also have ornamental appeal.
  • Mirabelle trees Prunus insititia6 varieties
    Mirabelles and Cherry Plums are both species of plum, mainly used in the kitchen. We can advise on all aspects of planting and growing them.
  • Mulberry trees Morus7 varieties
    Mulberries are large trees with ornamental appeal. They produce abundant small fruits rather like blackberries.
  • Nectarine trees Prunus persica5 varieties
    Nectarines are smooth-skinned peaches, and nectarine trees are grown in the same way although their requirements are slightly more demanding.
  • Peach trees Prunus persica10 varieties
    Peaches are a luxurious fruit originating in the Far East and now grown throughout warm temperate regions.
  • Pear trees Pyrus communis37 varieties
    We have an extensive range of pear trees and can advise on choosing the best pear trees for your garden or orchard project.
    • Dessert pears Pyrus communis28 varieties
    • Cooking pears Pyrus communis8 varieties
      Culinary pears have a hard flesh which needs cooking to releases its flavours.
    • Ornamental pear trees Pyrus3 varieties
      Flowering pear trees offer attractive spring blossom, and usually good autumn colour, and are easy to grow.
    • Asian pear trees Pyrus pyrifolia4 varieties
      Asian pears, or Nashi pears, look like golden apples and have a crisp sweet flavour.
  • Perry pear trees Pyrus communis9 varieties
    Pear cider or Perry is an increasingly popular drink, produced from traditional perry pear trees.
  • Plum trees Prunus domestica46 varieties
    One of the easiest fruits to grow, we love plum trees and can advise on all aspects of choosing and planting them.
    • Eating plums Prunus domestica34 varieties
      These are the best plums for eating fresh off the tree.
    • Plums for cooking Prunus domestica11 varieties
      Plum and Damson varieties which are primarily used for cooking with.
    • Dual-purpose plums Prunus domestica17 varieties
      These versatile plum varieties are good for eating fresh but equally good in the kitchen.
    • Japanese plums Prunus salicina2 varieties
      Japanese plums are usually larger than European plums and have a rich sweet flavour.
  • Quince trees Cydonia oblonga8 varieties
    Quince are versatile fruits for use in the kitchen, and the leaves and blossom have ornamental value. We can help choose the best quince for your garden.
  • Walnut trees Juglans regia7 varieties
    Walnuts are perhaps the healthiest of all nuts, and in the right conditions can be grown successfully in the UK.
  • Ornamental cherry trees Prunus46 varieties
    We have a wide selection of ornamental flowering cherry trees, grown for their spectacular spring blossom.
  • Rowan / Whitebeam trees Sorbus21 varieties
    Rowan or Mountain Ash trees are hardy attractive trees, easy to grow in most situations.
  • Fig trees Ficus carica4 varieties
    Figs are a unique and luscious fruit, not easy to grow in the UK climate - but well worthwhile.
  • Orchard packs2 varieties
    Specially selected collections of bare-root fruit trees to help you start your own orchard.
  • Saskatoons Amelanchier3 varieties
    Saskatoons, or Juneberries, are small bushy trees with blueberry-like fruits.
  • Official Merchandise2 items
    Add extra style to your home orchard by wearing Orange Pippin official merchandise. T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Kitchen aprons from Orange Pippin.