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Red-flesh apple trees

Apple varieties featuring pink or red-flesh.

  • Hidden Rose®

    Hidden Rose apple trees
    Hidden Rose is named for the unexpected pink flesh hidden behind the plain green skin.
  • Red Devil

    Red Devil apple trees
    Red Devil is a good apple variety for the UK garden, and produces a sweet red-tinted juice.
    £56.50 - £61.50buy
  • Roberts Red

    Roberts Red apple trees
    Roberts Red or Roberts Crab is an unusual red-fleshed crab-apple, with dark pink blossom, and purple fruits. Useful for cooking and produces a claret red colour juice.
  • SurprizeTM

    Surprize apple trees
    An unusual new apple variety with a unique combination of orange skin and pink flesh.
    £57.75 - £63.00buy
  • Tickled Pink

    Tickled Pink apple trees
    A new red-fleshed apple variety, with attractive crimson blossom, also known as Baya® Marisa.
    £57.75 - £63.00buy