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Fruit Tree Pollination Compatibility

Just select your variety and press the button to find pollination partners. If you are interested in how it works read the explanation below.

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How the pollination checker works

Please note our pollination checker is intended to be used as a guide only, and is by no means 100% accurate, but we regularly update it. Our goal is to make it the most comprehensive and accurate pollination checker available. Here's how it works.

Apple tree pollination

Compatible apple varieties are selected on the basis of bloom times and flowering groups which are the same as your variety or in an overlapping group.

Varieties which are known to produce low quantities of pollen and /or or poor quality pollen are then excluded.

Varieties which share the same parents as your variety, or are descended from your variety, are excluded from the selection because cross-pollination is less effective between close relatives.

Varieties which belong to the same genetic incompatibility group are excluded (even though they may not be closely related to your variety) because cross-pollination will be less successful or may not be possible at all.

The scientific data on the genetic incompatibility between apple cultivars is incomplete, and many other factors affect successful pollination. Our article on the pollination of fruit trees gives more details of some of the factors involved in pollination.

Pollination of pears

Pears follow broadly the same pattern as apples, with pollination based on bloom times and flowering groups, with a few enhancements for specific incompatibilities.

Pollination of plums, gages, damsons, mirabelles

Compatible varieties are selected on the basis of bloom times and flowering groups. These fruits do not exhibit the incompatiblity found in apples, pears, and cherries - if they are in blossom at the same time they should cross-pollinate.

Pollination of cherries

Cherry pollination is based on flowering groups and bloom times. However cherries exhibit considerable incompatibility between varieties, and even if two varieties bloom at the same time cross-pollination may not occur. Our checker takes this incompatiblity into account.

Pollination of apricots, peaches, nectarines

These fruit trees are all self-fertile so cross-pollination is not an issue.

Pollination of hazel trees

Our pollination checker does not yet cover hazel trees, but our article on hazel pollination includes a matrix of compatible varieties.

What if your variety is not listed?

If the variety you want to know about is not on the list we may still be able to help - just send us an enquiry.