Autumn 2021We are selling out of many of the trees already this season. Please order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
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Fruit tree picking times

This table shows the approximate harvest dates for the fruit trees we supply.

Apple trees

Devonshire QuarrendenPick now
Irish PeachPick now
PinovaPick now
Queen CoxPick now
RajkaPick now
Tydeman's Late OrangePick now

Apple trees

BardseyPick now
Beauty of BathPick now
DiscoveryPick now
KatyPick now
RosettePick now
ScrumptiousPick now
Worcester PearmainPick now

Apple trees

Ballerina FlamencoPick now
Bladon PippinPick now
Cox's Orange PippinPick now
Ellison's OrangePick now
GalaPick now
GreensleevesPick now
LimelightPick now
Lord LambournePick now
MeridianPick now
Red DevilPick now
Red WindsorPick now
Saint Edmund's RussetPick now
SaturnPick now
Yellow IngestriePick now

Apple trees

Adams PearmainPick now
Ashmead's KernelPick now
BraeburnPick now
Bright FuturePick now
Chivers DelightPick now
Christmas PippinPick now
Core BlimeyPick now
Cornish AromaticPick now
Cornish GilliflowerPick now
Court Pendu PlatPick now
Egremont RussetPick now
FiestaPick now
Golden DeliciousPick now
Granny SmithPick now
Herefordshire RussetPick now
HoneycrispPick now
JonagoldPick now
Kidd's Orange RedPick now
King of the PippinsPick now
King's Acre PippinPick now
Laxton's SuperbPick now
Orleans ReinettePick now
PixiePick now
Red FalstaffPick now
Ribston PippinPick now
Rosemary RussetPick now
RubinettePick now
SpartanPick now
SunsetPick now
Winter GemPick now

Apple trees

Annie ElizabethPick now
Arthur TurnerPick now
Blenheim OrangePick now
Bloody PloughmanPick now
BountifulPick now
Bramley 20Pick now
Bramley's SeedlingPick now
Galloway PippinPick now
GrenadierPick now
Hidden RosePick now
Howgate WonderPick now
Keswick CodlinPick now
Lane's Prince AlbertPick now
Lord DerbyPick now
Newton WonderPick now
Peasgood's NonsuchPick now
Scotch BridgetPick now
Scotch DumplingPick now
Stirling CastlePick now

Apple trees

Charles RossPick now
CrispinPick now
EdenPick now
James GrievePick now
JumboPick now
Tickled PinkPick now

Apricot trees

BergeronPick now
BergevalPick now
Early MoorparkPick now
GoldcotPick now
Golden GlowPick now
Helena du RoussillonPick now
KiotoPick now
TomcotPick now

Asian pear trees

ShinseikiPick now

Cherry plum trees

CountessPick now
Golden SpherePick now
GypsyPick now
RubyPick now

Cherry trees

Amber HeartPick now
Knight's Early BlackPick now
Merton GloryPick now
Napoleon BigarreauPick now
SkeenaPick now

Cider apple trees

Brown's ApplePick now
DabinettPick now
Harry Masters JerseyPick now
Kingston BlackPick now
MichelinPick now
Morgan SweetPick now
Porter's PerfectionPick now
Red FoxwhelpPick now
Somerset RedstreakPick now
Stoke RedPick now
Tom PuttPick now
Tremlett's BitterPick now
Yarlington MillPick now

Crab apple trees

Harry BakerPick now
Jelly KingPick now
Pink GlowPick now
Roberts RedPick now

Damson trees

Aylesbury PrunePick now
Blue VioletPick now
FarleighPick now
King of the DamsonsPick now
MerryweatherPick now
Shropshire PrunePick now

Hazel trees

ButlerPick now
CosfordPick now
EnnisPick now
Hall's GiantPick now
Lange Tidling ZellerPick now
NottinghamPick now
Webb's Prize CobPick now

Inter-specific trees

AprimiraPick now

Japanese plum trees

MethleyPick nowPick now

Medlar trees

NottinghamPick now

Mirabelle trees

Mirabelle de NancyPick nowPick now

Nectarine trees

Lord NapierPick now
NectarellaPick now

Peach trees

Avalon PridePick now
BellegardePick now
Garden LadyPick now
Hale's EarlyPick now
PeregrinePick nowPick now
RochesterPick nowPick now
SaturnPick now

Pear trees

Black WorcesterPick now

Pear trees

BethPick now
Beurre HardyPick now
Beurre SuperfinPick now
Celebration NUVARPick now
Clapps FavouritePick now
ConcordePick now
ConferencePick now
Conference Moors GiantPick now
Doyenne du ComicePick now
Fondante d'AutomnePick now
Glou MorceauPick now
HumbugPick now
InvinciblePick now
Josephine de MalinesPick now
Louise Bonne of JerseyPick now
Merton PridePick now
MoonglowPick now
ObeliskPick now
OnwardPick now
SensationPick now
WilliamsPick now
Winter NelisPick now

Perry pear trees

BrandyPick now
GinPick now
Judge AmphletPick now

Plum trees

Belle de LouvainPick now
CzarPick now
Hauszwetsche German PrunePick now
KeaPick now
Purple PershorePick now
Yellow PershorePick now

Plum trees

EddaPick now
JubileePick now
KatinkaPick now
Marjorie's SeedlingPick now
OpalPick now
ReevesPick now
Rivers' Early ProlificPick now
VictoriaPick now
Warwickshire DrooperPick now

Plum trees

AvalonPick now
Cambridge GagePick now
Coe's Golden DropPick now
Denniston's SuperbPick now
Early Transparent GagePick now
ExcaliburPick now
Gordon CastlePick now
GuineverePick now
HagantaPick now
HermanPick now
JeffersonPick now
Kirke's BluePick now
Lindsey GagePick now
MeritarePick now
Old Green GagePick now
Oullins Golden GagePick now
Queen's CrownPick now
Reine Claude de BavayPick now
Reine Claude ViolettePick now
SenecaPick now
Stella's StarPick now
Thames CrossPick now
Toptaste KulinariaPick now
WillinghamPick now

Quince trees

ChampionPick now
Meech's ProlificPick now
PortugalPick now
Serbian GoldPick now
VranjaPick now

Saskatoon bushes

NorthlinePick now
SmokyPick now
ThiessenPick now