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Japanese plums

Japanese plums are usually larger than European plums and have a rich sweet flavour.

  • Flavor King

    Flavor King japanese plum trees
    Flavor King is a pluot (Japanese plum / apricot cross) with large sweet fruit.
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    • Picking season: Late
    • Self-fertility: Not self-fertile
    • Flowering group: 1
  • Methley

    Methley japanese plum trees
    Methley is a Japanese plum (Prunus salicina), as opposed to the more usual European plums (Prunus domestica).
    • Picking season: Early
    • Self-fertility: Self-fertile
    • Flowering group: 1

How to choose Japanese plums

The plums most commonly found year-round in supermarkets are Japanese plums, they are usually quite large and spherical, and keep well.

Japanese plum trees need a warm climate without spring frosts, and with hot summers to grow successfully. They are grown commercially in California, and Chile.

Japanese plums do not cross-pollinate with European plums. However they are grafted on the same rootstocks.