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Almond trees

Almond trees make an interesting and valuable addition to the home orchard.

  • Ingrid

    Ingrid almond trees
    Ingrid is the best Almond variety for the UK climate, suitable for the warmer and drier areas of the UK.
    • Self-fertility: Self-fertile
  • Robijn

    Robijn is a modern almond variety, suitable for planting in drier areas of northern Europe.
    • Self-fertility: Self-fertile

How to choose Almond trees

Almonds are a type of nut, but closely related to peaches.  For growing and training they can be treated in most respects just like peaches.

For best results in the UK, plant in a sheltered spot in well-drained soil in full sun. It helps if you are in southern England but you should also be successful in eastern and north-eastern England, provided you have reasonable amounts of sunshine.

Like peaches, almonds are susceptible to peach-leaf curl, although they don't usually catch as badly. If this is a concern in your area you can cover the tree with horticultural fleece over the winter to protect it.

Also like peaches, almonds can be trained as fans on south-facing walls or fences.  The early spring blossom is very attractive.