Summer 2024Pre-orders are now open. Deliveries will begin again in September for pot grown trees and December for bare-rooted or mixed tree orders.
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Fruit Tree Propagation Service

If we do not have the fruit tree variety you require in our main fruit tree catalogue, we may instead be able to propagate a tree for you. We can propagate almost any variety that is listed in the UK National Fruit Collection. Alternatively if you want to preserve an old but unknown fruit tree growing in your garden we can also propagate a new tree using scionwood supplied by you.

You can choose the rootstock the tree is grafted on, to control the size of the mature tree.

Order before July for delivery in December the following year

Grafting takes place in the summer and the tree is delivered the following winter - so it takes about 15-18 months.

The price including delivery to the UK mainland is approximately £50 - £55 per tree (we will confirm before accepting your order). The price is reduced if you want several trees of the same variety.

When we receive your propagation request, we will check that the fruit tree varieties you are interested in are available and then confirm your order and prices before proceeding. We can propagate trees on most of the major rootstocks, to achieve the mature tree size you require.

Note that fruit tree propagation is a natural process and we cannot offer any guarantee that it will be successful, and we reserve the right to cancel the order at any time if we feel the propagation has not been successful. If you have made a payment we will refund it in full.

This service is currently only available for fruit trees to be delivered to the mainland UK.

Please note that trees propagated to order in this way may not be quite as large as the mainstream trees we supply. This is because with the trees we propagate to order, we concentrate on propagation success, whereas with our mainstream range we concentrate on producing larger more attractive trees.

In the first instance please contact us through our enquiry form.