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Online tools for fruit tree enthusiasts

We have developed a number of specialist online tools to help you find the best fruit trees for your garden or orchard project:

Pollination checker

Have you got a fruit tree in your garden and want to know what will pollinate it?

Our pollination checker knows all about flowering groups, compatibility groups, and other pollination characteristics for hundreds of fruit tree varieties.

It's not limited to just fruit varieties we sell, but if the variety you want is not listed please let us know and we'll be happy to help.

What is the size of your planter or container?

If you want to grow your fruit tree in a pot it is important to make sure you have the right size. Our calculator helps you work out the volume of planters and containers from their dimensions.

Fruit tree height calculator

Most fruit tree textbooks suggest that the rootstock is the only factor in determining the final mature height of a fruit tree. Whilst the rootstock is important, other factors such as climate, soil, and the vigour of the variety you are growing can also have a significant impact.

Our experimental tree height tool allows you to get a more precise indication of the likely mature height of a new tree in your local conditions.

Fruit tree comparison tool

Our comparison tool lets you compare the growing and using characteristics of all the fruit varieties in our catalogue side by side. Its a quick and easy way to choose the best tree for your garden.

Advanced fruit tree variety search

We classify most of the varieties we list using over 40 different characteristics - cropping, fertility, vigour, pollination, disease resistance, suitability for beginners, picking season, flavour, colour, and many more. This sophisticated search tool helps you find fruit tree varieties that exactly match your requirements.

Fruit tree picking times

Lists the relative picking times of most of the varieties we sell.