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Grants for planting fruit trees from the Tree Council

The Tree Council is a UK charity which seeks to promote interest in trees for their environmental and conservation benefits. It runs the National Tree Week event, which takes place in late November / early December.

It has a number of grant programmes which are likely to be of interest to community groups and schools which are preparing new orchard projects. These include the Orchard Windfalls Fund, which is specifically aimed at orchard projects involving young people. The Trees for Schools initiative is also likely to be of relevance, as a proportion of the trees can be fruit trees. In general these programmes will cover a large proportion of the cost of small tree-planting projects.

We are able to advise on fruit trees that are suitable for your location and which will meet the Tree Council's funding requirements. We also understand there can be a long lead-time between applying for funding and going ahead with the tree-planting day, and as a small supplier we have the flexibility to provide quotations or accommodate provisional advance orders which may or may not come to fruition.