Summer 2024Pre-orders are now open. Deliveries will begin again in September for pot grown trees and December for bare-rooted or mixed tree orders.
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Orchard design service

Cost-effective professional advice in designing a new orchard

If you are planning a new orchard of more than 20 trees or so, you will probably find it useful to take professional advice. A good layout will make the best use of the land you have available and balance the various and often conflicting elements that are involved in orchard design.

We will produce a detailed Report for you, which will specifically tackle the aspects of orchard design that are often difficult to decide on - the mature size of the trees, the best rootstocks to use, spacing between the trees, layout in relation to site gradients, pollination and harvest, choice of varieties and prediction of yields. The Report will be prepared in consultation with you and will also cover any specific topics you require.

How does it work?

We will start by sending you a form to helps us capture the the key details of your site, and your particular preferences. The recommendations in our Report will be based on a diverse range of parameters, influenced by your choices.

  • Fill in the form with your preferences and other comments.
  • We will review your requirements and then ask you to pay online.
  • Once you have paid, we expect to send you a Report in about 2 weeks.
  • This service is available for customers in the UK, North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand - however please note that prices are in UK currency. We welcome enquiries from elsewhere.
  • This service is available for orchards where the primary fruit trees will be apples, pears, plums and cherries or any mixture thereof.


The price for this service is £200.

You will only be asked to pay after we have made an initial review of your requirements.

In the first instance please contact us on our enquiry form.