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Mychorrizal fungi for planting fruit trees

We are often asked by customers if Mycorrizal fungi should be used to assist root establishment when planting fruit trees. These fungi work by helping the roots to take up nutrients more efficiently.

Our general recommendation is that applying Mycorrizal fungi in the planting hole is not necessary, and will not make any difference to the successful establishment of a new fruit tree. This is for several reasons:

  • Firstly, in most garden conditions the soil quality is already more than adequate to help the tree get started.
  • Secondly, all our trees are grown in good soil using balanced fertilizers and other treatments. As a result they already have their own natural Mychorizza.

If the soil conditions are very poor, e.g. compacted ex-building land, then an application of Mychorriza could be useful - but only after initial soil improvement.

In most cases it is better to apply a basic feed in spring, and keep the tree watered but not drowning. In our view the single most important thing you can do to help a fruit tree get established is to keep competing weeds and grass well away from it, by planting in clean soil and then applying a substantial mulch.