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Fruit tree varieties - season of use

Fruit is often described in terms of the season of use. This is usually the period after picking during which the fruit is usable - so season of use is very much dependent on the storing qualities of the fruit and the time when it was picked.


For cherries it is usually a matter of eating straight from the tree, since most do not keep more than a few days.


As with cherries, plums are best eaten straight from the tree, although some varieties will keep fresh for a week in a refrigerator.


As a very general rule, apples which ripen early in the season (e.g. July/August in the northern hemisphere, and January/February in the southern hemisphere) tend not to keep whereas apples which ripen late in the season (e.g. October in the northern hemisphere or April in the southern hemisphere) are more likely to keep well in storage. However,within this general trend, particular apple varieties may keep better or less well than others that ripen at the same time. Apples which are related to Golden Delicious tend to keep well - even Gala, which ripens quite early for a "late" apple.