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Fruit tree blossom guide

Although grown primarily for their fruits, many orchard fruit trees also produce attractive blossom in the spring.

Apple blossom

Most apple varieties have pure white blossom, although before the flowers are fully open they usually have a crimson-pink tinge. In some varieties the pink colour is retained. In most varieties the leaves open at about the same time as the blossom and provide an attractive fresh green backdrop.

Our variety pages list apple varieties with particularly attractive blossom.

Kidd's Orange Red blossom

Kidd's Orange Red blossom

Kidd's Orange Red is a good example of the more unusual dark-pink flowers found in some apple varieties.

Pear blossom

Most pears have plain white blossom, although the flowers are usually larger than is the case with apples.

Doyenne du Comice pear blossom

Doyenne du Comice pear blossom

Doyenne du Comice has the classic white pear blossom.

Plum blossom

Plum trees invariably have pure white blossom, as do their close relatives - Mirabelles, Cherry Plums, and Damsons.

The blossom is generally short-lived, lasting perhaps a week to 10 days. Plum blossom usually opens well before the leaves, and the result is a cloud of white flowers against a backdrop of bare wood.

Opal plum blossom

Opal plum blossom

Opal blossom is typical of most plums - small plain white flowers borne in profusion.