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Fruit trees featured on TV news or in the media

If you hear of fruit tree varieties mentioned in the news or media, please let us know!

Crab-apple tree found growing in the outer Hebrides

The Sunday Post, 11th July 2021

A crab-apple of unknown origin has been found growing on a cliff face on an uninhabited island called Pabaigh Mor in the outer Hebrides. Scientists are not sure how it got there, since there are no other apple trees grow on the nearby islands. DNA testing suggests the tree is of the species Malus sylvestris, the original European crab-apple which existed in Europe after the last ice age. This species pre-dates the modern apple species Malus domestica which, as the name suggests, has been cultivated and dispersed by humans.  One theory is that the tree is a remnant of a population of trees which grew in the area after the last ice sheets receded, and before humans arrived.


Pruning apple trees in July

Homes and Gardens, July 2021

Monty Don reveals why pruning in July is the secret to perfect apples - allowing light and air to get to the developing apples. The same logic applies to pear trees too. This is good advice for established trees, but newly-planted trees should be allowed to grow without summer pruning.


Forget Granny Smiths ...

The Guardian, 9th October 2019

Author Caroline Ball picks some favourites from her new book ""Heritage Apples"". They include one of our favourite cookers - Peasgood's Nonsuch - as well as Ribston Pippin, Ashmead's Kernel, and Blenheim Orange.


Great cooking apples

RHS magazine, October 2019

Cooking apples are featured on the front coveer of the October 2019 RHS magazine, and inside there is advice on the best cookers for different culinary purposes. We usually stock Bramley's Seedling (good for purees and pastries), Blenheim Orange (good for preserves and purees), and Arthur Turner (good for sweeter purees). Unfortunately the collection of different cooking apples on p42 is mislabelled.


BBC Great British Menu - series 14 - The Finals: Dessert

May 2019

Tickled Pink apples and juice feature in the first entry for the dessert finals. Watch on IPlayer from 6 mins 50 seconds. The narrator incorrectly describes Tickled Pink as a British apple but actually the variety was developed in Germany, although the apples used in the programme were grown in the UK.



BBC Gardeners' World 2018 - episode 29 - heritage apple varieties

October 2018

Monty Don plants Evereste crab-apple trees in the quadrants of his Paradise Garden. Heritage apple enthusiast Wade Muggleton describes some of his favourite apples, including the small bright yellow fruity Pitmaston Pine Apple, ideal for children, and the old-fashioned Scotch Bridget. We have many traditional apple varieties available, and you can search our website for apples from a specific era - here are some apple varieties originating from the 18th century.


BBC Gardeners' World 2017 - episode 30 - apricot trees in pots

October 2017

Monty Don shows how to plant an apricot tree in a pot. We like the way he stresses the importance of using a large pot - this is the minimum you will need to grow an apricot in a pot. He also uses a high proportion of grit in the soil mix - up to a third grit with a third soil and a third compost, which is important for apricots and other stone fruits in containers, as they do not like to sit in water.

The apricot feature starts at 42 minutes and 50 seconds into the programme on IPlayer.


Geneticists trace the origins of the apple

August 2017

This article in the Guardian summarises research into the origins of the modern apple. Researchers found that the earliest apples arose in the Tien Shan mountains of central Asia, in what is today Kazakhstan.


BBC Gardeners World 2017 - episode 5 - cordon fruit trees

April 2017

Monty Don plants some apple tree cordons, grafted on M9 rootstocks. He explains the advantages of planting them at 45 degrees, and why they should be planted with the top pointing north to maximise the balance of fruitfulness and growth.

Watch it on BBC Iplayer | See our cordon-trained apple trees


Orchard Windfalls grant fund - 2017

January 2017

The Orchard Windfalls grant fund from the Tree Council for 2017 is open to all schools and community groups where children can be involved in the planting. The grant will fund up to 75% of the cost of apple or pear trees.

For the 2017 scheme you must choose apple or pear trees on semi-vigorous or vigorous rootstocks. That means MM106, MM111, M116 or M25 for apples, or Quince A, Pyrodwarf, or Pyrus communis seedling (e.g. Kirchensaller) for pears. We can supply many suitable apple and pear varieties on these rootstocks, taking account of your local climate and conditions.

Applications close 31st March 2017. More details can be found on the Tree Council funding website.


Nigel Slater's Baked Apple Recipes

27th November 2016

This article in The Guardian food and drink section describes a sweet dish of baked apples and vince fruits, and a savoury dish with pork chops with apples. Nigel also suggests cooking with early season Discovery apples.


BBC Radio 4 Food Programme - The Apple: How British a Fruit?

9th October 2016

Sheila Dillon talks to food writers Mark Diacono and Pete Brown about the apple.


Pears at their Peak - The Garden (RHS Magazine)

October 2016 edition

A detailed article by Joan Morgan (author of The Book of Pears) describing a selection of pear varieties, grouped by ripening period. We usually have many of the varieties mentioned in this article:

Gorham, Williams Bon Chretien, Beth, Fondante d'Automne, Beurre Superfin, Beurre Hardy, Louise Bonne of Jersey, Conference, Concorde, Doyenne du Comice, Josephine de Malines


Trees featured on BBC Gardeners World

Episode 24 - 9th September 2016

Monty Don tries some mulberries and then gives a textbook demonstration of how to plant a pot-grown King James mulberry tree.

The programme also visits a traditional plum orchard where volunteers are picking Purple Pershore and Yellow Egg (Yellow Pershore) plums.