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New VVA-1 / Krymsk 1 dwarfing rootstock

VVA-1, also known as Krymsk 1, is a new dwarfing rootstock for plum trees. It was developed in Russia and released in 2004. It is related to Prunus cerasifera, the Cherry Plum - a species of plums which have naturally smaller trees than other plum species.

VVA-1 is important because it offers the potential to produce a smaller plum tree than the Pixy rootstock which has hitherto been the most dwarfing rootstock available for plum trees. Whilst Pixy is a valuable rootstock, it still produces a relatively large tree, typically around 2.5m - 3m in height, putting it in a similar category to the apple M26 rootstock. VVA-1 should produce a mature tree of around 2.5m height, suggesting it is slightly (but usefully) less vigorous than Pixy..

VVA-1 also induces precocity, in other words the new tree will start to fruit at a younger age in its life, around 2-3 years instead of the more usual 3 years. It also offers the advantage over Pixy of producing fruit of a good size, similar to fruits produced using the semi-vigorous St. Julien rootstock.

The main disadvantage of VVA-1 is that there is relatively little experience of its performance outside of research stations. It has the potential to be a great rootstock for gardeners looking to fit plums, gages, and damsons into a small space.

Click here for our list of plum trees available for sale in the UK on VVA-1 rootstock. If you buy one of these trees we would very much welcome your feedback about its growth and characteristics.