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Unusual fruit trees

These fruit trees are not widely-grown. They have unusual flavors and other qualities which only appeal to a minority, and which you don't usually find in mainstream orchards. However if you already have a productive orchard and are looking for something a bit different they are worth a try.

  • 1st Crab apple trees - Roberts Red

    See also Roberts Red

    Roberts Red or Roberts Crab is an unusual purple crab-apple with a red-flesh.

    The apples have a sharp acidic flavour and are not particularly palatable for eating fresh. However the anthocyan pigmentation in the skin and flesh is believed to have anti-oxidant properties.

    Roberts Red is useful for cooking and the pressed apples produce a claret red juice.

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  • 2nd Inter-specific trees - Aprimira

    See also Aprimira

    Aprimira is an unusual cross between a mirabelle and an apricot. The result is a tree which in most respects is a mirabelle, but with the benefit of much larger fruit size.

    The pretty fruits are ripe in August, and have a sweet flavour. They can be eaten fresh or used in the kitchen as an alternative to mirabelles - they are particularly suitable for tarts and jams.

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  • 3rd Medlar trees - Nottingham

    See also Nottingham

    Medlars are a strange fruit, mainly used in the kitchen. The fruits resemble small russeted apples and have a rich luscious flavour and texture when cooked, ideal for preserves.

    Medlars are usually very easy to grow, gnerally disease-free and and reliably self-fertile so you only need to plant one tree.

    As well as the interesting fruits the spring blossom is particularly attractive on account of the large flowers. The leaves often take on autumnal colours before leaf fall too,

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  • 5th Inter-specific trees - Shipova

    It seems surprising but pear trees and rowan trees are distantly related, and Shipover is a natural hybrid between the two species.

    The tree looks very much like a rowan or whitebeam tree, with typical rowan flower clusters in late spring. However in the autumn, instead of rowan berries it produces cascades of small pear-like fruits which can be eaten fresh or cooked.

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  • 6th Almond trees - Ingrid

    See also Ingrid

    If you live in a drier part of the UK and can provide a warm sunny spot, why not consider an almond tree?

    Almonds are closely related to peaches, and as with peaches the spring blossom is particularly attractive.

    Ingrid is self-fertile so you only need to plant one tree.

    Cropping is light but you should still be able to enjoy healthy fresh home-grown almonds in late summer.

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