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Fruit tree comparison - Egremont Russet
Fruit tree comparison - Rubinette Rosso
Fruit tree comparison - Herefordshire Russet
Fruit tree comparison - Kidd's Orange Red
Fruit tree comparison - Cox's Orange Pippin
Apple trees

Egremont Russet

Apple trees

Rubinette Rosso

Apple trees

Herefordshire Russet

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Kidd's Orange Red

Apple trees

Cox's Orange Pippin

Egremont Russet is the most popular English russet variety, and a good apple tree for the garden.  Remove this variety from the comparisonConsidered by many to be the best-tasting apple ever, Rubinette has a lovely balanced sweet / sharp flavour.  Remove this variety from the comparisonHerefordshire Russet is a modern russet apple variety, with an excellent strong Cox-like flavour.  Remove this variety from the comparisonKidd's Orange Red is one of the best Cox-style apples, aromatic, sweet, and easy to grow.  Remove this variety from the comparisonCox is widely acknowledged as having the best flavour of any apple variety.  Remove this variety from the comparison


Gardening skill?Suitable for beginnersSome neededAverageSuitable for beginnersSome needed
Fertility?Partially self-fertileNot self-fertileNot self-fertileNot self-fertileSelf-fertile
Some of our Cox selections are not self-fertile - please check with us if you need more details.
Flowering group?23333
Pollinating others?AverageAverageAverageAverageAverage
Vigour?Average growthWeak growingWeak growingAverage growthWeak growing
Bearing regularity?RegularRegularRegularRegularRegular
Fruit bearing?Spur-bearerSpur-bearerSpur-bearerSpur-bearerSpur-bearer
Fruit persistence?Normal ripeningNormal ripeningNormal ripeningNormal ripeningNormal ripening


Picking season?LateLateLateLateMid
Later mid-season
Use / keeping?1-2 months1-2 months1-2 months1-2 months
Will keep in a cold store until Christmas
1-2 months
Flavour quality?GoodExceptionalVery goodVery goodExceptional
Flavour styleSweeterSweet/Sharp
Probably the best balance of sweet and sharp of any apple variety

Looking after

Overall disease resistance?AveragePoorAverageAverage
Not usually troubled by scab or mildew


Country of originUnited KingdomSwitzerlandUnited KingdomNew ZealandUnited Kingdom
Period of origin1850 - 18991950 - 199920001900 - 19491800 - 1849
Fruit colourRussetOrange flushRussetOrange / RedOrange flush
Blossom colourWhitePink - lightPink - lightPink - darkWhite
Leaf colourGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen