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Fruit tree comparison - James Grieve
Apple trees

James Grieve

James Grieve is the classic Scottish cooking apple. It can also be eaten fresh, and is excellent for juice.  Remove this variety from the comparison


Gardening skill? Suitable for beginners
Cropping Good
Fertility? Partially self-fertile
Flowering group? 3
Pollinating others? Good
James Grieve produces large amounts of pollen, which is also viable at low temperatures.
Ploidy? Diploid
Vigour? Average growth
Precocity? Precocious
Bearing regularity? Regular
Fruit bearing? Spur-bearer
Fruit persistence? Fruit drops when ripe


Picking season? Mid
Use / keeping? 1-2 months
Flavour quality? Average
Flavour style Sharper
Cooking result Keeps shape

Looking after

Overall disease resistance? Average


Country of origin United Kingdom
Period of origin 1850 - 1899
Fruit colour Orange flush
Blossom colour White
Leaf colour Green