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Fruit tree comparison - Katy
Apple trees


Katy is an attractive and versatile early apple variety from Sweden, very easy to grow.  Remove this variety from the comparison


Gardening skill? Suitable for beginners
Cropping Heavy
Fertility? Not self-fertile
Flowering group? 3
Pollinating others? Good
Ploidy? Diploid
Vigour? Large
Bearing regularity? Regular
Fruit bearing? Spur-bearer
Fruit persistence? Fruit drops when ripe
Windfalls can be used for juice / cooking.


Picking season? Early
Use / keeping? 1 week
Flavour quality? Average
Flavour style Sharper

Looking after

Overall disease resistance? Good


Country of origin Sweden
Period of origin 1900 - 1949
Fruit colour Red
Blossom colour White
Leaf colour Green