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Aerial rootlets forming


Hello I wonder if you would give me some advise? I purchased an Orange pippin tree from yourselves back in 2019, and it has been brilliant producing a large amount of fruit last year. But just clearing a few weeds from around base saw a quantity of roots above soil level,could you please give your thoughts, have I planted not deep enough, and need to re-plant. Any help much appreciated.

Asked by: Trevor from Norwich, 21-Feb-2021


This is nothing to be concerned about. You will sometimes find that if weeds and long grass are allowed to grow up around the base of a young tree (particularly apple trees) the resulting humid microclimate will sometimes encourage these aerial rootlets to develop near the rootstock.

Now that you have cleared the weeds away they will probably dry off and decay. Just leave the tree as it is - you do not need to do anything further.

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