Apple tree for northern Italy


Hello: could you suggest a suitable apple to grow in Northern Italy? I'd love to grow a Cox's Orange Pippin -- but am open to suggestions, such as -- perhaps -- Rubinette Rosso.

I live in the hills outside Milan. The altitude is about 400m; the tree would be planted on sloping ground facing just north of West -- it would get plenty of afternoon and evening sun, but in winter the ground could be cold. By the way -- your website is marvellous...


Thanks for the kind comments about our website. We don't think there is a particular issue with the situation you describe, one of the more vigorous rootstocks (e.g. MM106 or MM111) might be a better bet than a more dwarfing one, although I always say if in doubt you should grow what you want to grow! In general apple trees are not bothered by cold winters, but fruit production requires pollinating insects - and preferably other apple trees nearby, although some versions of Cox are self-fertile. Are there any other fruit trees in the neighbourhood?


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