Are pollination groups the same in France as the UK?


Thanks for your advice about apple varieties for south-west France. Before I order I have last one tricky question - about pollination of Kidd's Orange Red. I have checked the pollination guide on your website and it appears that there are many trees in the pollination groups 3 and 4 that will work with KOR. A few of these well-known varieties (supermarket) are grown locally - there are very large commercial orchards to the west of where we live, but possibly just out of range of the pollinating insects. Are the pollination groups in France the same as the UK? I can do some checking then to find out what will suit. I know for instance that there are some Reine de Reinette trees which I think are Group 3 nearby.

Asked by: Chris  from South west France, 19 Jan 2017


Yes, pollination groups are the same in all countries. Although the start date and duration of the spring blossom season will be different in different climate zones, an apple variety that blooms in the mid-season will be mid-season wherever it is grown.


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