Can you ship trees to the USA from the UK?


I live in the UK but want to send a tree to my daughter who lives in Boston USA, can you help? Will trees survive the journey? How much does it cost?

Kate from Yorkshire


We can certainly help. We cannot actually deliver trees to the USA because of plant health restrictions. However you can place an order on our US fruit tree website for delivery to most parts of the USA. You will only pay a local US delivery charge, as the trees are grown there.

You can order at any time of year but delivery is mainly in Spring as winter temperatures in most of the US make it impossible to deliver until the weather warms up. We can also deliver in autumn (or "Fall") to destinations in the warmer zones such as California and Florida.

The range of varieties we offer in the USA is tailored to American climate conditions (they tend to have hotter summers but much colder winters). However our US range includes English favourites such as Ashmead's Kernel, Cox's Orange Pippin and Bramley's Seedling.

You would normally pay for your US order online in US dollars but if you prefer you can contact us by phone or email through our UK website and pay in £ instead - we will charge the equivalent of the dollar price.


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