Do you have espalier-trained Concorde pear trees?


I enquired about an espalier pear tree - Concorde - sometime back - at the time you were finding it difficult to locate stock. I'm still looking! I wonder - Do you have a non espalier Concorde pear tree available that I could plant out now and perhaps espalier myself next year?



Thanks for getting back to us. We have a 1-year bare-root Concorde tree on the Quince A rootstock - this is the ideal starting point for training as an espalier or fan. The process is fairly simple, in essence you plant the tree and then immediately cut it right back to about 1ft - which sounds drastic I know! However this is the key to the whole process.

There is some more information about training as a fan or espalier on our website.

Note that it is easier to train as a fan rather than an espalier - fans are more forgiving if you end up with branches in not quite the right place.


espalier pear tree

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