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Do you have espalier-trained Concorde pear trees?


Asked by: Matthew  03-Jan-2018

I enquired about an espalier pear tree - Concorde - sometime back - at the time you were finding it difficult to locate stock. I'm still looking! I wonder - Do you have a non-espalier Concorde pear tree available that I could plant out now and perhaps espalier myself next year?


Thanks for getting back to us. Pre-trained pear trees are always in very short supply, and you may need to order in the spring for autumn delivery.

You can of course plant a 1-year bare-root pear tree and train it on yourself. The Quince A or PyroDwarf rootstocks are likely to give the best results.

Having said that, Concorde is not a particularly easy variety to train as an espalier, you are likely to have more success with Conference.

There is some more information about training as a fan or espalier on our website.

Note that it is easier to train as a fan rather than an espalier - fans are more forgiving if you end up with branches in not quite the right place.