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Fan-trained sweet cherries in Devon


I want to plant two (preferably) sweet cherries, fan-trained on a south-facing fence that is 2m high. Locating one tree in a desirable spot, I have a total of just over 8.2m in width for both trees. My RHS book says to allow 15' between trees on Colt rootstock. What do you advise? We want to have more cherries and more choice by having two. Can you recommend pairs of trees that are compatible? We are in Mid Devon in the middle section of a south-facing hill at about 100m above sea level. The site is partly sheltered by the house which is about 7m away.

Asked by: Rob from Mid-Devon, 19-Sep-2019


Each tree is going to need a good 3m or so, therefore 15ft (4m) stem to stem is about right on Colt rootstock.

I would just stick with the various self-fertile varieties, then you have no pollination issues.

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