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Fruit trees for partial shade


Hi - I hope you can help! I'm looking for a couple of fruit trees (space for 3 if they're snug - possibly better 2) for my small London garden (next to a wall - but partial shade). Looking for the trees to do ok in the partial shade (it's more or less north facing but does get some sun), but also to be as interesting as possible in terms of blossom, fruit, leaves - and of course be ok In terms of pollinating.

Could you help advise? I'm a bit overwhelmed by choice! As to personal preference if gets grow I'd love a cherry / plum/ apricot/ peach ahead of apples / pears but more important they'd be happy on the partial shade.... Thank you!

Asked by: Sarah from London, 15-Nov-2020


Peaches, apricots, and sweet cherries really need to be in full sun to ripen properly and develop their sweet flavours.  Some early-season plums such as Herman or Czar will probably do well though. I would also consider a culinary cherry - Morello - which is very happy in partial shade and should produce a good crop of sharp tangy cherries for cooking with.