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Keeping trees in the pots we supply them in


Thanks for delivering the 2 pear trees so quickly. I would like to keep them in pots for the next year or so, as we are very exposed here and I can keep an eye on them. I will plant them in the field once I feel confident that they can cope. Is that ok?

Asked by: Alison from Carlisle, 04-Dec-2019


The pots we have supplied the trees in will not be suitable for growing them on for another season, so if you wish to keep them in pots they will ideally need re-potting now.

As a general comment, if the conditions are tough it is actually better to start acclimatising the trees by planting them out now, when they are still young, rather than letting them get another year older.

The main challenges are likely to be wind and rain over the summer. Even in Cumbria cold temperatures over the winter are not such an issue because the trees are dormant.

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