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The main trunk has been topped


Hi - I have received my tree today but I'm not overly happy with the tree that has arrived as the main trunk has been topped (not sure if that's the correct phrase). I don't really understand why that's been done but it will completely affect how the tree and will grow and mature - and it's not the shape of tree that I want.

Asked by: Jonathan from Northampton, 06-Oct-2022


Hi Jonathan, we often cut back (or "tip") the main shoots to ensure the tree fits properly in the carton - but we only do this for species where this pruning is not harmful to the future growth of the tree.

While the loss of a leading shoot might be a concern with a semi-mature tree, we only supply very young trees where the effects of tipping leading shoots are only temporary because they are growing rapidly.

In some cases (particularly with fruit trees, or ornamental cherries and crab apples) pruning back the main shoots can actually be beneficial to the future shape and form of the tree.