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Organic farming practices


I am trying to support organic and regenerative farming practices. Please could you tell me about your use of artificial pesticides and herbicides? Many thanks for your time, Joanna

Asked by: Joanna from North Leeds, 03-Oct-2021


We use a conventional non-organic integrated pest management programme in the nursery.

I think most of our customers prefer to raise their trees in an un-treated regime, rather than an organic one. Organic regimes still allow a surprising number of chemicals.

On a related note we've had a few issues this autumn from customers concerned about signs of shot-hole on some flowering cherries, caused by the wet summer of2021. We took the decision not to spray but to send the trees out as they were, but I can understand that some customers were concerned about receiving an "infected" tree which might affect other plants in their garden. This is the balancing act that we have to get right each year.

In summary, if you are looking for a fruit tree that has the lowest environmental impact, I would make sure it is 1-year bare-root tree and not pot-grown. Choose a variety suited to your area which has good natural disease resistance. Plant it in the winter, and grow it on without using any chemicals. I hope that helps.

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