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What does out of stock mean?


When a tree is marked 'out of stock, alert me' what does that mean exactly? No tree until next planting season or might you have some available for this planting season? Thanks, Sue

Asked by: Sue from Swansea, 04-Jan-2022


Hi Sue. Trees are produced on an annual cycle. The new season starts in late summer, and continues to early spring. Once all the trees of a particular variety have been sold, there are no more until the next season.

So if a tree is "out of stock" then we have sold out for this season.

We may get the odd cancellation, in which case anyone who has asked to be alerted when the variety comes back in stock will receive an automatic email notification. However since we are now nearing the end of the planting season the likelihood of cancellations is low.

We usually open the website for pre-ordering for the following season in early spring.

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