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Are your fruit trees UK-grown?


Hello, I hope this email finds you well. I am hoping to order some trees from you but how would I know if the tree I want is UK-grown? I am very keen to keep the carbon footprint down and avoid imports, 

I am looking for an Old Green Gage and Shropshire Prune, both on VVA-1, if that makes any difference to your answer. 

Asked by: Joanna from North Leeds, 02-Dec-2021


Hi Jo. Thanks for contacting us. 

The vast majority of our trees are grown in the UK. However tree production requires a range of raw materials, some of which may come from specialists on the continent. For example the VVA-1 rootstock which you mention is in limited supply and almost always imported from the plant rights owner in Europe.

A pot-grown tree will have a worse footprint than a bare-root one, since it will require a pot, compost, nutrients, and extra packaging.

If you want to minimise the carbon footprint of a new fruit tree I would specify a 1-year bare-root tree grafted on a traditional (not modern) rootstock. And when you plant it, do not use additional compost!

To put this in context I think there is little difference in the carbon footprint of a tree supplied from a nursery in, say, Belgium, with one in the UK - compared with most other consumer products which do not go on to absorb CO2 for their productive lives!

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