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I have a question about pruning my 1-year almond tree


Hi I have a question about pruning my almond tree please. I've just taken delivery of a 1 year old Almond Ingrid. I read the (very helpful) instructions on your website about pruning after planting. But I also saw you said "As with peach trees (to which they are related) it is best to keep pruning of almond trees to an absolute minimum." Do I need to prune it or should I leave it alone? Many thanks Helen.

Asked by: Helen from Surrey, 23-Nov-2021


Hi Helen.

Yes, this one-off initial pruning of a maiden almond tree can be done in winter, just wait for a period of mild dry weather. Subsequent pruning should be kept to a minimum and is best carried out in mid-spring.

If you send a photo of the almond tree we can advise where to prune it.

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