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Climate for fruit trees in Stornoway

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Annual climate averages

This locationLondonEdinburghCardiff
Length of growing season: 317 days332 days307 days340 days
Average minimum temperatures: 1 C2 C1 C3 C
Average maximum temperatures: 16 C23 C19 C21 C
Rainfall: 1408 mm656 mm684 mm1022 mm
Sunshine hours: 1168 hours1705 hours1418 hours1655 hours

Monthly climate averages for this location

MonthAvg. Minimum temp.Avg. Maximum temp.RainfallSunshine hours
Jan2 C7 C174 mm (12.4%)35 hours  (3.0%)
Feb1 C7 C119 mm (8.5%)65 hours  (5.6%)
Mar3 C8 C100 mm (7.1%)113 hours  (9.7%)
Apr4 C11 C95 mm (6.7%)151 hours  (12.9%)
May6 C13 C79 mm (5.6%)178 hours  (15.2%)
Jun9 C15 C94 mm (6.7%)133 hours  (11.4%)
Jul10 C16 C81 mm (5.8%)113 hours  (9.7%)
Aug11 C17 C91 mm (6.5%)134 hours  (11.5%)
Sep9 C15 C129 mm (9.2%)108 hours  (9.2%)
Oct7 C12 C157 mm (11.2%)71 hours  (6.1%)
Nov4 C10 C148 mm (10.5%)41 hours  (3.5%)
Dec3 C8 C143 mm (10.2%)27 hours  (2.3%)

This weather data is mostly derived from averages for the period 2001-2006.