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Northern Orchard Pack

    This orchard starter pack is the ideal way to start your own orchard. The pack includes 5 bare-root fruit trees, comprising 3 apple trees, and 2 further trees which will be a mix of pear trees / plum trees / cherry trees. (For the far north-west we will usually suggest 2 plum trees as pears and cherries are less suitable and may not be satisfactorily pollinated). The varieties are selected by us to be suitable for growing in the north of England or Scotland.

    The trees are also either self-fertile or able to cross-pollinate each other, so you will have no pollination worries.

    The rootstocks will generally be 'semi-vigorous', which means the trees should reach a mature height of roughly 3m - 4.5m / 10ft - 15ft after 5-10 years. Semi-vigorous rootstocks produce medium-large trees which are nevertheless not so big that they become difficult to pick and look after.

    The trees are usually 1-year olds, which is the best age for successful orchard establishment.

    If your orchard site is exposed we can also supply trees suitable for a living windbreak.

    As with all our trees, you also get telephone and email advice from our fruit tree experts.

    Reserve now for delivery any week November-February.

    Northern Orchard Pack - 5 bare-root trees£85.00Sold out
    Northern Orchard Pack - 10 bare-root trees£170.00Sold out

    UK-grown trees All our trees are grown in the UK.

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