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My new apple tree is not in blossom at the right time


Hi, when I ordered my new apple tree from you I used your online pollination check tool and it said my existing Cox apple tree would be a suitable pollinator. The new tree is growing fine and there was some blossom even though it is a bit young, but it came much later than the Cox and I am worried that I will need another pollinator for it - or was it the bad spring weather.

Asked by: Mr Hunt from Suffolk, 13-Jun-2018


I've just checked the flowering groups for your trees and you should be OK. It is not the weather, as this would affect all trees similarly. The cause is that newly-planted trees do not come out of dormancy in the spring as readily as established trees so they tend to be a bit late in their first season. In addition very young trees don't produce much (or any) blossom in their first spring. I'm sure that next year it will bloom at the right time along with your Cox and will be able to cross-pollinate successfully.

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